Unlocking Your Business's Full Potential

Ashnet Consulting Private Limited is a leading consulting company, which helps businesses achieve financial success through proven brand, revenue, and profit growth strategies. 

With over twenty-five years of real-world experience and proven strategies, we can take businesses of any size, age, or stage to the next level.

Meet Our Founder

Ashnet Consulting Private Limited is founded by Ashish Bhagoria, a visionary successful serial entrepreneur, and an educationist.

Ashish's passion for entrepreneurship began at a young age, and since then, he has launched multiple successful ventures, transformed the lives of thousands of individuals, and helped local businesses reach new heights. His years of real-world experience have made him a trusted consultant for entrepreneurs. Ashish's personalized approach to consulting allows him to truly understand the needs of his clients and provide strategic solutions that utilize human psychology to drive success. He is also the author of "Managing Business through Human Psychology – A Handbook for Entrepreneurs."

Building Brands Since 1998

We have a track record of creating our own brands. Numerous ventures and leading institutions have been established till now.

Here are some of them:

  • Built a successful telecom business from scratch, giving even the biggest regional brands a run for their money
  • Established institutions under the IK Gujral Punjab Technical University, providing quality education to over 5,000 students
  • Developed the PEP program, which was launched directly in franchise mode, and has been incredibly successful
  • Launched Himsamachar.com, an online news portal with a global reach in 192 countries and over 2 million active readers
  • Created eventsandoffers.com, an online listing portal to support local businesses and events. 

Empowering Entrepreneurs Realize Their Dreams

Today, we provide our clients with exponential growth strategies and handholding. 

By implementing these strategies, businesses achieve amazing benefits, including increased sales and cash flow, more customers, highly effective teams, no competition, and rapid expansion.

Our clients are from across all sectors. They have consistently achieved new heights and transformed their businesses and lives as a result.

The list of success stories is endless. 

Your Partner In Business & Professional Success

Free Consulting Program

Ashnet Consulting offers a free consulting program called "Any Business Can Develop," which helps entrepreneurs build sustainable, scalable, and profitable businesses. 

Training & Internship

Additionally, our "Business Growth Professional" training program is another initiative designed to create endless career opportunities for job seekers.

Let's Grow Your Brand, Revenue & Profit